What Home Buyers Need to Know

One of the best ways to make the home buying process flow easier is to become better-acquainted with your options and clearly define your goals. Understanding the reasons you want to buy-and what you want to accomplish in your move-will go a long way towards shaping your plans and improving your results.

Perhaps the most important first step involves deciding how you will approach your home search. Who will you work with throughout this process-and how will you work with them?

Go through these other pages and learn about Real Estate Agency, how the commission works, about the tax credit, your credit rating, and applying for a mortgage. You will also find a helpful mortgage calculator. Happy researching!

Accredited Buyer Representation

Buying a home. It's a major endeavor that can yield deep and lasting rewards. But enjoying a successful real estate transaction requires knowledge and experience.

I am a proud member of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC), and have completed specialized training as an advocate for homebuyers. I received by Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation in 1998. I assure that my buyer clients receive the same level of representation in a real estate transaction that was previously only awarded to sellers.

It is my hope that these home buyer resources listed on the web site will provide answers to many of your questions and bring you closer to achieving your homeownership goals.

Alternative Buying Opportunities

The vast majority of U.S. real estate transactions begin as advertised listings, held by real estate brokerage firms. Sellers begin the process by selecting an agent to represent their side of the transaction and agree to a listing price. These listings are then readily promoted by the agent's brokerage firm, in hopes of attracting interested buyers.

This, however, is not the only way you can buy real property. Alternative buying opportunities, including short sales, and foreclosures, provide additional paths to homeownership. While listed transactions still dominate the real estate market, informed buyers will want to consider all their options.

If you decide to investigate alternative buying opportunities, make sure you take time to become fully educated on the process. It may be necessary to consult with a local attorney who specializes in these matters. Also, you will experience better results if you work with an Accredited Buyer's Representative who is familiar with these types of transactions. Short sales, and foreclosures are unique, involving specialized knowledge and training. You may find attractive opportunities, but you must also be prepared to avoid potential pitfalls.

Free Home Buyer Kit

"The Pathway to Your New Home - A Road Map of the Home Buying Process" includes a home shopping checklist along with information on pre-approval, low-down payment options, closing costs, and more.


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